New hats in 2017!


Captura de pantalla 2017-02-17 a las 1.57.33t the new collection of headdresses that we released this season. A very varied designs that will fit perfectly in any look of the next season. Under the brand SCALA COSTURA we wanted to collect the latest trends in accessories for hairstyle.

Below, we will show you a small selection of the most outstanding designs in the collection, consisting of headdresses, turbans, pamelas and crowns.



No doubt, the crowns are a very popular addition in the celebration of any event, be it a wedding or a party. This type of ornament allows to mark very well the personality of the guest, being a very comfortable element to carry and easy to place. The crowns we present in this collection are characterized by a range of muted colors that convey an aura of romanticism and naturalness very strong.

_ROG0485The first model that we present you is a wonderful wreath of flowers in some reds, reds, bougainvillea and roses. A combination with great character that will perfectly mark the factions of its carrier. We recommend a romantic hairstyle, with a middle line, collected low but not very structured. Accompanying it with a natural makeup with m
arked red lips matte. A very recommendable style for brunettes who want to give an original touch to their head.

The next model we present keeps the line of colors off but highlight cooler colors like blue steel, gray mole; combining with warm colors like reds or yellows. A perfect model for invited chestnuts or blondes who want to bring personality to their hairstyle. In this sense, we recommend a semi collected low, with some loose strand or some braid to one side. To complete the look, we propose a natural makeup in pink tones powdered with a good eyeliner cat eyes effect.



The type of complement for hair classic and elegant  par excellence is the pamela. That kind of wide-brimmed hat, usually made of natural fabrics with some kind of floral or feather trim. In our collection, we have created some models that maintain the general romantic line.

_ROG0444The first model we present is characterized by its original indigo blue color made of raffia with a floral ornament that goes from red to blue, through salmon, yellow and white. This pamela is very suitable for chestnuts or blondes, and we recommend a low bun with classic waves and stripe to the side. To complete the look, we propose a makeup marked by the orange brown tones in both eyes and lips.

The following model of pamela maintains the same line of materials, but combines pink tones in the floral ornament with the beig tone of the hat. Also, mix in the ornament natural flowers with raffia leaves, resulting in a very elegant combination. Highlighting the pink tones of the flowers, this model is ideal for brown hair guests; To whom we also recommend a low bowed bow to one side with straight hair. To complete the look, we propose a natural base make-up highlighting lips or eyes with red tones or eggplants that are worn.



The headdresses are the complement most chosen by our clients and by the guests in general. It allows an infinite number of combinations between the different elements that are used for their preparation and the variety of sizes they allow. Here is a small selection of the headdresses that make up the collection this season.

_ROG0470The first model combines the elegance of its colors, aubergine and gray, with the originality with which the structure of the headdress is composed. A creation that simulates two headdresses in one, a work of art. This model allows to wear it with different hairstyles, but we propose the loose hair with classic waves and collected the bangs. To complete the look we recommend a makeup in powdery tones, highlighting eyes and lips in eggplant tones.

This model in coral color and teardrop shape with folds, combines floral ornaments in earth tones with feathers in the same tone of the headdress. A cheerful and simple combination that can combine with different styles. For this headdress we recommend a semi collected low and to one side, balancing with the side in which the headdress is supported.



Finally, we want to highlight a risky trend that more and more invited to events, not only at weddings, but also at cocktail parties, dare to dress. The turban is a very comfortable and easy to place, as it allows to place with both the hair loose and with the hair collected under. The advantage is that, just like a pamela or a canotier, it is held single and it is not necessary to fix it with forks. Here are some of the most prominent models in the collection.

_ROG0446The first model is designed in pink sticks and powdered colors that give it great versatility. In addition, it combines the velvet with a great rose to the tone, that is culminated with a green branch that emphasizes on the set. This model allows to combine it with many colors, besides allowing different types of makeup, according to the style of the look. With regard to hair, we recommend the hair loose in natural waves with a certain romantic air and you are done. An element as original and striking as the turban does not need anything else.

The following model is designed with a very original color combination, fuchsia and green. A very exotic and daring fusion that will be the perfect complement for a very creative look. Composed of a floral ornament in fuchsia fabric and a turban in green velvet, the design is perfect for dresses or monkeys in discreet tones that need a complement that stands out. We recommend just like before, natural hair just loose and a make-up that in powdery pink tones.

This is an advance of our new collection of headdresses and accessories for the hair that we have designed under the brand SCALA COSTURA. Enter our website to know the rest of the collection.

New hats in 2017!Grupo Madison

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