Brand values

Our passion is fashion; our desire that every of our designs gleams the best of you, making you feel unique and special.

In order to achieve this we bet on a line with own style and design, in which we care and select the best fabrics and accessories for each of our creations.

We select suppliers who share our philosophy and our values​​, feeling part of a common project and maintain our commitment to local businesses, strongly betting on the product 100% made in Spain.

Thanks to our adaptability, we offer the possibility to make your custom wedding or godmother dressing and incorporate various colorful to every garment with unique designs.

Each of our processes, whether in design, manufacturing, logistics and sales are ruled by criteria of efficiency, with which we can be more effective, providing a high quality product at competitive price.

When our production process ends, starts our customer service, to which we dedicate the same effort and philosophy; and in which, above all, we stress operation, efficiency and quality.

These guidelines that make our day to day, together with the search and constant improvement and innovation of our processes make our business philosophy, always doomed to improve both the service and the customer experience, and that has allowed us to gain the confidence of the best Spanish boutiques where today you will find our designs.

Bound to the above, in Madison Design we have initiated a process of internationalization of the firm, exporting our experience and the expertise of the Spanish fashion both to other countries of the European Union and Third Countries. Check your nearest outlet here.

Brand valuesGrupo Madison