The best plans for this summer

In Madison we love summer and all the possibilities it offers to enjoy free time and celebrate the best events.

For that reason, we have wanted to present some plans or, better said, “planazos” of summer where to have fun and live unique experiences. A Madison dress, a non-alcoholic cocktail and an exclusive and original event or activity; What more could you want…

Little Pink Pearl + Concert

The first plan we present is a great concert in some of the dates available in Starlite Marbella, an event that is repeated every summer and in which nationally and internationally recognized stars meet.

For the occasion, we suggest you to accompany the evening with a Little Pink Pearl cocktail. We will prepare it by adding red grapefruit juice, lime juice and almond syrup in a shaker and ice halfway. We shake vigorously and serve it in a cocktail glass decorated with a slice of grapefruit.

Pina Colada + Balinese Party

The next plan we propose is a great Balinese party, organized together with a spectacular pool. All this accompanied by a very careful decoration and music according to the theme. An excellent opportunity to get all the exoticism of summer and enjoy with friends a great evening.

For this type of event, we have chosen a Piña Colada cocktail. Its preparation is very simple, since we can prepare it in a glass directly or in a bigger and decorated container. We will add 1/3 part of pineapple and coconut liquid yogurt and 2/3 pineapple and coconut juice. We will place a sprig of mint and a slice of natural pineapple in a large cocktail glass.

Jamaica water + beach terrace

Another of the magnificent plans that we have thought is a summer classic, enjoy the excellent beach terraces that are opened every year at this time. Normally located in environments of great beauty and near the sea, recreate favorable environments to enjoy these temperatures to the rhythm of the summer songs.

These parties at the foot of the shore need a refreshing cocktail like Jamaica Water. For this we mix in water dried petals of hibiscus and ginger powder. We boil it, we remove it from the fire and the resultant is sneaked. Add sugar, lime juice and let cool. Serve in a cocktail glass decorated with a slice of lime.

Peach Melba + Dinner with Jazz

A dinner with live music is always an event that can not be said no. Therefore, we have thought that a concert in private during a nightly evening together with some friends can be an excellent occasion to meet. A candles, a 40’s quartet and our most loved ones is always a perfect plan.

To accompany such a special occasion we have thought of a Peach Melba cocktail. Its preparation is simple, we mix some raspberries with thyme twigs and strain the resulting juice. We add it to a low glass of cocktail and add ice, soda, peach juice and caramel. To decorate it we use whole raspberries and a branch of thyme.

Madison Fresh + Boat in Formentera

And finally, we have left our preferred plan, an excellent boat route through Formentera to enjoy the scenery, the tranquility and the elegance with which the waves surround us. A great event to invite our friends and relax with spectacular views.

Such a special plan has to be accompanied by a very special cocktail and, therefore, we have created our own cocktail: a Madison Fresh. Its preparation is as simple as adding a few small ice cubes, a small measure of apple juice, a small spoon of natural lemon essence, the juice of half a lime, tonic and garnish with a branch of rosemary and cardamom. . A refreshing cocktail like the Mediterranean sea and unique like us.


These summer plans are ideas to get us beautiful, look for a special plan and enjoy this time with the people we love most. At Madison we love to enjoy life, because the perfect look always starts from the inside.

Happy summer!


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The best plans for this

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