The best makeup combinations with our models

The time of the spring and summer events is in its zenith and in Madison we want to review the colors and shades that have marked the season of this year. Intense colors that fill our clients, godmothers and guests in the celebrations of this era with life and joy.

In Madison we always follow the trends, within our own line, knowing that our guests and godmothers are very demanding in their tastes and look for in us their own stamp.

For this reason, we wanted to dedicate this post to those colors that we find in our models and that serve us as inspiration to find shades of trend in makeup.

We started with the 1825 model of our collection, natural pink tones that give that aristocratic air so elegant. Thus, we were inspired to choose the lipstick “She Betta Werrrk”, from the limited edition created by the influencer Patrick Starrr for M.A.C., a pink velvet tone of the most current with a slight shine.

We continue with the fantastic model 1809, in its eggplant so special tone, to suggest the lipstick “Odyssey”, also of M.A.C. of this year’s collection with a great shine and hydration. A fantastic tone for those occasions in which to seek sophistication without reaching excess.

“She Betta Werrrk”, M.A.C. 21,50€

“Odyssey”, M.A.C 19,50€

Looking for shades in eyeshadows, we have looked at the 1819 model, with that combination of colors so spectacular that it has to select the “Atlantic Blue” tone of M.A.C. A color as deep and intense as the sea that can be used both dry and wet thanks to its pigments.

And we continue in shadow colors to select the springtime tones of the model 1836, with its combination of roses, fuchsias, oranges and yellows, to inspire us in the shadow “Suspiciously Sweet” by M.A.C. A pleasant and flattering tone that will remind us of that blush of summer evenings.

“Atlantic Blue” M.A.C. 19,00€

“Suspiciously Sweet” M.A.C. 19,00€

When looking for dazzling tones for nails, in many cases we do not find that special color. In Madison, we have been inspired for this purpose in several of our models. In the case of the 1826 model, we love that red-burgundy combination that is so risky but great. Thus, we were inspired by the color “A Red-Vival City” from the “Lisbon” collection of OPI, an intense, bright color and loaded with that same message of strength that represents our dress.

With the model 1821, a timeless lavender tone and always perfect for our bridesmaids and elegant guests; we have noticed the color “Check Out the Old Geysirs” from the “Icelandic” collection of OPI. A bright enamel with certain iridescent tones that give that pearly touch that highlights any manicure.

“A Red-Vival City” OPI 16,80€

“Check Out the Old Geysirs” OPI

In our purpose to offer new trends and the latest developments, we can not pass the occasion to show you one of our favorite brands and the most recommended by make-up artists: ARTDECO. Specifically we have set our model 1804 to inspire us in the lipstick “Geisha Red”, a deep red and ultra matte, perfect mark authentic geisha lips.

With the 1845 model we have found that perpetual combination of sophistication in the colors: black, nude and white. Thus, we selected the shade of eyeshadow “Glam Metallic Gold” by ARTDECO, a natural tone that adapts to the tone of the skin, providing the metallic shine of gold.

The mint green color of the model 1813 is so sensational and elegant for any godmother that we have set ourselves in the eye shadow color “GlamGreen Leaved” by ARTDECO for its intense green color and those slightly iridescent metallic reflections that will give shine to any look.

“Geisha Red” ARTDECO 13,90€

“Glam Metallic Gold” ARTDECO 10,80€

“Glam Green Leaved” ARTDECO 10,80€

The sensational 1811 model and its dark fuchsia color, so intense that it combines with such a fantastic lace, has inspired us to choose the nail polish “À L’Opera” by Lâncome. Shine to the maximum for an elegant manicure for those godmothers who like to combine colors in a perfect way.

Finally, we have set our glamorous 1827 model in purple, with its amazing skirt to the tone that perfectly combines different types of fabric creating an impact dress. Thus, we have been inspired by the palette of eyeshadows “Reflet D’Améthyste” also by Lâncome to create that same range of tones that represents our dress through the shines of its fabrics.

“À L’Opera” de Lâncome 23,00€

“Reflet D’Améthyste” Lâncome 56,90€

With these color proposals we wanted, not only represent the trend of the chromatic proposal of the collection; if not also give ideas of how to capture those perfect looks that we always want for our clients.

The best makeup combinations with our

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